Top 3 Travel Tips for your Trip to Prince Rupert

Top 3 Travel Tips for your Trip to Prince Rupert

With the New Year now underway, many people are starting to think about planning their summer vacations. Many different activities draw people to Prince Rupert throughout the summer months; be it the incredible wildlife viewing opportunities, sport fishing, cultural tours, or shopping and dining, visitors should bring their sense of adventure.

For those that are in the trip planning stage, we’ve compiled a list of the top three travel tips to help you plan your trip.

1- Explore Your Options

There are many ways to travel to Prince Rupert, and the journey is part of the fun. Looking for the ultimate road trip? A popular route is to drive through Northern British Columbia to Prince Rupert and boarding a ferry going either south through the Inside Passage to Vancouver Island or west to Haida Gwaii with BC Ferries, or north to Alaska with the Alaska Marine Highway System

Rail travel is operated by VIA Rail. Known as the Skeena Route, the train runs between Jasper and Prince Rupert multiple times a week. This route allows guests to witness some of British Columbia and Alberta’s most impressive scenery.

Air travel is easy with daily flight connections from Vancouver. Two airlines provide service to Prince Rupert: Air Canada and Hawkair. Both airlines operate out of the Vancouver International Airport.

Some cruise lines stop in Prince Rupert. Visit for more information on visiting by cruise ship.

2- Plan Ahead

May through September can be very busy in Prince Rupert. With train service from Jasper, ferry service to Vancouver Island, Haida Gwaii, and Alaska, and vehicle/RV traffic, hotels, cabins, and campsites can become quite full. It is a good idea to book your accommodations well in advance to ensure your stay is where you desire.

Also, depending on how you decide to travel to and from Prince Rupert, travel arrangements should be booked well in advanced.  Especially travellers who wish to bring their vehicle on board either BC Ferries or the Alaska ferries should reserve vehicle space well in advance.

Before you start your journey, take a look at the excursions and opportunities available to do Prince Rupert. Regardless of the tour or activity, you should contact the operator to ensure that the activity is available while you are in Prince Rupert. If you plan on wildlife watching, be sure to contact the tour operator to ensure it is the right season for the wildlife you hope to observe.

3- Take Advantage of our Visitor Services

We have a Visitor Centre that operates year-round, and travel councilors are available to answer any questions you may have about visiting Prince Rupert. The Visitor Centre can be reached by phone (toll-free), email, or in-person. Contact information can be found here:

We are also available online to assist in trip planning. Our website is a valuable tool, and you can connect with us on Facebook and Twitter @VisitRupert.