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Top 3 Travel Tips for your Trip to Prince Rupert

Top 3 Travel Tips for your Trip to Prince Rupert

A list of the top three travel tips to help you plan your visit to Prince Rupert.

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Sport Fishing

Sport Fishing

The Northwest Coast offers more fish, with fewer crowds. Make your dreams come true in this sport...

Wildlife Viewing

Wildlife Viewing

There is nothing that compares to the sight of wildlife at home in the northern rainforest. 

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Independent Exploration

Independent Exploration

For those visitors wishing to spend a day simply exploring our community, there are many...

Cultural Experiences

Cultural Experiences

While in Prince Rupert, a variety of cultural experiences are easily accessible to visitors.

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About Prince Rupert

On British Columbia’s wild and beautiful Northwest Coast, Prince Rupert is a vibrant town where nature, history, and personalities are larger than life.

Legendary sport fishing, exceptional wildlife viewing, attractions that bring the Coast’s ancient Aboriginal culture and pioneer heritage alive, and the urban pleasure of good restaurants, fascinating shops, and colourful neighborhoods make Prince Rupert the ideal choice for a family vacation, a corporate retreat, or a solo getaway.

Enroute to Alaska and Haida Gwaii (the Queen Charlotte Islands), Prince Rupert is easily accessible by air, rail, cruise ship, ferry, car or RV. This year, we invite you to discover our nature.

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The summer dusk is long in Prince Rupert, and catspaw breezes carry the tinkle of rigging and the scent of the sea.

Prince Rupert offers glorious scenery, a colourful history, and a wide range of activities for visitors, whether they're on a one-day port of call or a stopover of several days.

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